How to Put Together the Perfect SEO Blog Post?

As everything is a competition today, SEO proposes an excellent way through which the online battle to reach the top can be managed easily. If you know some of the ground rules of SEO, content and writing blog posts then you are all sorted. With the best-in-class content and the use of the right marketing strategies to promote the content, your website can come to the first page of Google in no time. Some of the best strategies to write the perfect blog post are as follows:

  • Before you write a single word, think about what you want to write about and what your reader would like to know exactly. Every sentence should make sense and give information to your reader.
  • Make a proper structure of the content before you start writing at all. The typical structure of a piece of blog post is introduction, body and conclusion. Some sentences in introduction and conclusion will help your reader in understanding the core and then summarizing what they have learnt.
  • Make sure a paragraph is no more than 4 sentences.
  • Use as many headings as you can. Majority of the readers tend to browse through the headings before they start to read the actual content and improve their knowledge on the subject
  • Transition words can not only help you but also your reader. Words like ‘In addition’ are transition words that tell your reader that there is more information to come and more points on the sub heading that you have already given
  • Related keywords to the primary keywords can also work wonders in getting the rankings on your SEO articles or blog posts. Search for the related keywords beforehand, while you do research on the primary keywords. You do not have to always use short keywords;long tail keywords can also be added in the body of the content.
  • The length of the blog post should not be less than 300 words. You need to have enough content in the blog post for your readers to understand the concept and gain sufficient information on the same. You can make your blog post as long as you can but do not make it less than 300 words in any condition.
  • If you have an existing fully functional website, it is always a good idea to post links to the other blog posts and tell your readers which link to use, in case they are looking for related information on the same subject.
  • Read your blog post or article before you publish it. Read it from the perspective of the reader and see if it is actually adding value to their existing knowledge. Try to cover everything and make recommendations to the reader wherever possible.
  • Regular content posting can improve your SEO San Jose and give you the recognition that you are looking for. Over time, your content might improve your placement on Google as the search engines recognize that you are putting consistent information for your readers.

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Author: Frisco Web Solutions

Frisco Web Solutions offer online marketing services for your business. We are a Top Rated, Google Certified Internet Marketing Agency located in San Francisco Bay Area. We offer Web Design & Development, Search Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click Advertising (Adwords) and Mobile Development services.

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